Our mission

We believe that taking care of your health doesn’t need to be difficult or inconvenient, that health is essentially a personal matter and thus you should be in full control of it. We believe that by achieving that we can actually make life better. Everybody’s life.

The mission of MyHealthCheck is to make
healthcare hassle free and convenient.

Who we are

Groupe Mutuel has launched MyHealthCheck in order to meet your expectations in terms of health, with the aim of :

Offering you non-insurance solutions, which correspond to you, in the fields of care, treatment and prevention.

Facilitating the understanding of common illnesses and offering support when you or your loved ones need it.

Providing you with practical tools, available on a daily basis and reliable.

This important step in Groupe Mutuel’s digital transformation is intended to be participatory. Thus, each evolution will be based essentially on your feedback.
Indeed, without your support, this approach would be meaningless.

Our partners

MyHealthCheck was developed in cooperation with the best medical professionals from Switzerland. It combines knowledge and experiences of medical experts with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and medical research.


Symptom Checker

Infermedica is a provider of a leading preliminary diagnosis and triage tool which our symptom checker is based on.



Medi24 is a Swiss telemedicine pioneer providing 24/7 telephone assistance for medical questions in all situations and circumstances.



Medgate is one of the largest European telemedicine centres providing us with 24/7 telephone consultation and treatment.


Self Test

Hartmann is a provider of healthcare products including self-tests that help people to identify their medical conditions from the comfort of their own home.

Zur Rose


Zur Rose is one of the largest online pharmacies in Switzerland setting standards in terms of quality, customer focus, range and speed.



PharmOnline is a Swiss pharmaceutical wholesale distributor supplying mainly independent pharmacies.



Our Symptom Checker is class I medical device for the European Economic Area.

Data Privacy & Security

Our platform is concerned about data protection, which is why we strive to implement best practices in this area.

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