5 tips how to avoid diseases and injuries on Christmas

diseases and injuries on Christmas

How to survive winter feast time full of family gatherings, X-mas stuffing, rivers of alcohol and frequent Christmas travels? By avoiding needless risky situations, which increas rapidly during the holiday season. Check our 5 tips for healthier, safer and easy-going Christmas!

diseases and injuries on Christmas

Dangerous decorations

Many unexpected injuries can happen when decorating your flat or house. Falling from ladders, table or chair leading to contusions and broken bones, occur very often. Before using the ladder, always make sure it´s set up on a fair ground, wear footwear with a good grip and move slowly and carefully. Many Christmas accidents are also related to decorations using open fire, such as Advent wreaths or candles.

Never leave them unattended and always keep an eye on your children and pets.

Before hanging the lights, check them properly – many fires are caused by failure or malfunction of the device or equipment and the outdoor lights can short out easily.


diseases and injuries on Christmas

Food poisoning

You definitely don´t want to miss any Christmas dainties, but it´s very important to check the quality of served food, especially sea food.

Ensure that your oysters are fresh.

Cook the meat and poultry fully to destroy dangerous bacteria. Wash raw vegetables and fruits.

Don´t put hot liquids and food at the edge of the table, where they can be easily knocked over.

diseases and injuries on Christmas

Water is the key

We cannot stress enough, how water is important for your health. Staying hydrated during the day will help you with your concentration and drinking enough water is the best prevention against headache and hangover. At a party, alternate each second drink with a glass of water – you don´t get drunk so quickly and easily and your body will thank you the morning after! J Moderate consumption of alcohol is also good for your weight – alcohol contains mass of hidden calories.

Christmas Noël Weihnachten

diseases and injuries on Christmas

Keep your children safe

At Christmas time there is a high risk of suffocation or choking, especially for children under the age of 3.

Always read the instructions carefully and check all the received presents. All toys should be appropriate to a certain age, too advanced toys can cause injuries.

Beware of toys that have to be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Be careful with small round lithium batteries, they must not be swallowed as it can burn through child´s oesophagus.

diseases and injuries on Christmas

Drive rested

All the stress related to buying presents, cleaning the house, meeting relatives and managing your work at the same time is a huge source of stress and leads to exhaustion. And Christmas should be the time of peace and joy. Cancel all the unnecessary meetings, don´t rush around shopping malls – order the most important presents online, ask for help with cleaning and cooking and let the rest of the things just happen. If you feel tired, have a good long sleep with a clear conscience. Many injuries (e. g. on the road) occur because of the lack of concentration when we are tired.

When driving long distances, take breaks regularly (15 minutes every two hours).

Always stop when you feel too tired.

Never drive when drinking.

Take a cab when going to a party.


Make your winter holiday an opportunity for yourself – think about what makes you happy. Is it time spent with your family or a private long reading without being disturbed? Do you enjoy Christmas movies or hanging out with your friends? Try to concentrate on your well-being this year – with our Christmas package you will get unlimited access to the symptom checker, 1 free call with a doctor and a voucher to Zur Rose e-shop. You can use the offer till the end of December. Merry (and peaceful) Christmas!


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