Crank up your career with simple principles of work-life balance

Do you consider yourself an overachiever? „Thanks to” modern technologies we have accepted the mode of never-ending working day and reaching the balance between our careers and personal or family lives seems more and more impossible. But there’s a way – starting with small steps, check our 5 tips to find the right way related to your individual daily routine:


Don´t be perfect  

Many of us have developed perfectionist tendencies, which can turn to a destructive element, if we don’t keep them under control. To avoid perfection and stick to your goals, don’t get stressed, if sometimes the things are different from your expectations. Try to accept that you cannot control everything – just do your best and let it happen.  Too much work can cause health risks, such as hypertension or heart disease. Never underestimate serious health conditions, always check any unusual or suspicious symptoms.


Don´t get disturbed

Do you try to avoid distractions when working? And what about your personal life? Take control of your free time by switching off the work notifications when you’re with your family or friends. Focus on real interactions, which help you to feel a strong connection with your relatives, children or friends. We all feel stressed with growing expectations of constant accessibility. Constant stress can lead to ischemic heart disease or stroke, which are both among the three most common death causes in Switzerland. Getting unplugged can sometimes restore our balance through a feeling of freedom and relief.



Move and sleep

We all quickly find an excuse when it comes to regular exercise. Usually it’s because our calendar is full, but honestly, what about replacing our daily dose of online procrastination with some 30 minute YouTube workout? Exercising is a very effective stress reducer. And so is sleep. We are all busy, but underestimating our crucial needs can lead to serious problems. Long term sleep deprivation leads to psychical issues, burnout syndrome and depression or even suicidal tendencies. Both physical activity and a quality rest are the best prevention from burning out and cumulative chronic health problems, such as back pain or obesity.




Dedicate some time of the week to self-care. The best way to start is including some quick but effective methods in your work schedule. They require a small effort, but offer great results. Have you ever tried a 5 minute meditation or deep breathing exercises? They are easy to make even behind your office desk! To relax is definitely the most effortless prevention.



Reflect your priorities 

The key to a well-balanced life is good time management. . Try to keep on your task and evade procrastination. If you manage to avoid long-winded office chatting, you won’t have to work overtime and you get some extra time for free time activities. And if you need a quick symptom check, try MyHealthCheck. You get your results immediately and you don´t waste your working time with time consuming activities, such as aimless surfing searching for symptoms. Win-win!


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