How can your local pharmacists help you with your health?

We interviewed our partner PharmOnline, to better understand how pharmacists can guide you when feeling sick.


MHC: Thank you PharmOnline for answering our questions. Could you please explain to us what is PharmOnline (

 PharmOnline: PharmOnline is a digital network of pharmacies, patients, physicians and healthcare partners. PharmOnline offers an open, free platform with a website and an app (iOS and Android).

Via PharmOnline, patients can stay in touch with their pharmacy 7×24 and find products and services “quickly, easily, anytime, anywhere.”


MHC: What services do you offer on your app?

 PharmOnline: We offer a different range of services. For instance, the user can:

  • Search which pharmacy around him/her offers certain types of services (for instance na for the nearest pharmacies with specific services)
  • Search for services with the ability to make appointments (online) to avoid waiting at the pharmacy (e.g., immunizations, Covid-19 rapid test, nutrition counseling, incontinence counseling, etc.).
  • Easy & secure sending of prescriptions to the pharmacy.
  • Information on treatments, pathologies, products
  • Therapeutic follow-up and compliance
  • Home delivery for regular customers (same day).
  • Schedule intake of medications online and receive notifications to remind you
  • Click & Collect – Simply order online and receive your products without waiting in the pharmacy
  • Get advice remotely, at any time and with discretion


MHC: In this time of Covid, one must be afraid to queue at the doctor’s office. When feeling unwell and not sure if it is the common cold, the flu or Covid 19, how can PharmOnline pharmacies help me?

 PharmOnline: With the support of PharmOnline you can also stay in touch digitally with your regular pharmacy. The pharmacist as a medical person can triage your complaints and, if necessary, distinguish between bacterial and viral infections with a CRP test.


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