The school is back! Let’s use it as an opportunity for all of us.

Year has many beginnings. Now you undoubtedly think we are nuts because everybody knows that the first day of the year is January 1st? Well, if you are a footballer, you probably feel that the new year is marked with the start of the season. And for companies doing business in the EU or the States, it likely starts with the beginning of fiscal year there. And there is one yet time that feels like a start of something new for all of us. The beginning of school.

And that applies even when it’s a long time since you last stood in front of the teacher’s desk or received your diploma. Yet, for every child the beginning of a new school year is always of great significance. Not only does it happen after the longest period of fun and adventures, but it often means starting in a new school or class with a new teacher and a new bunch of schoolmates. And throughout life we experience it many times again and again. Either directly with our own kids or indirectly because suddenly many things are different – there are more people in towns, traffic gets congested etc. So, it’s only natural that we perceive it as a sort of landmark. But there is no need to be stressed about it if we do a little preparation here and there. Check out these few tips. 



Back to business

If your job is currently the most important thing in your life you can take the beginning of school as an opportunity for a little review. You can look back at your previous achievements and set up goals for the next quarter of the year. It might also be a good idea to set up stuff that needs your annual attention for September. This way you will know that this is the time to renew your parking permit, insurances, subscriptions etc. Last but not least, don’t forget to go through the terms of your periodic health checks like going to the dentists or a general annual examination at your practitioners.




Back to college (or Back to uni)

Health would probably be at your focal point if you are a student and you should definitely consider doing some regular check-ups. And if you are experiencing some health issues, you can put your symptoms into MyHealthCheck symptom checker to see if they might be a sign of something more serious requiring your attention. After all, having to start school later or skip classes at the beginning due to health problems is always a nuisance since it makes you catch up later with double the effort. Also, try to adopt your sleep routine a week before the start of the new semester. That means going to bed earlier than during vacation and at the same time every night so that you reset your internal clock for getting up early in the morning before your first lecture.



Back to school

In case you are a mother of a school kid, sleep too should be your primary concern. It has been scientifically proven that children who don’t get enough sleep have problems with concentration and thus have lower academic results. So, do for your kid the same you would do for yourself if you were at university as is described above. If you are having a preschooler at home, it might be a good idea to take a walk to school together before the start of a school year. Show the little one the building and help him/her reduce the stress from entering a new life role in a new environment. And for both school newbies and veterans alike, make sure they have a dedicated space for doing their homework. This helps them to understand that education is a priority at your house, especially when it is reinforced by a rule that TV and other electronic devices stay off during homework time. 


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