5 tips for healthy low cost summer activities

For many people summer means stressful extra costs due to a wide range of seasonal activities or holiday abroad. Don´t let the over-expensive holiday trends, lures and attractions wreck your summer budget. We offer you a list of free local or home based summer tips to both enjoy your holiday and support your physical and mental state.

Become a foodie for a day
Summer is a season of fresh fruit and vegetables – ideal time to focus on a well-balanced diet and revise your daily board and nourishment. You can try home cooking, which is usually both great fun and relaxation with a delicious meal at the end.  If you have a family, invite your children to make a family project. You can make a collage of healthy and unhealthy food. Can your kids distinguish between healthy and unhealthy food and explain their reasons? Healthy food is a key stone of prevention against obesity, cavity or impaired digestion.

Simple stuff
Fill your summer days with something simple and easy. The most popular free activities are singing and dancing. No matter how good your voice or dancing skills are. Turn the music on and let it flow – it´s suitable for singles, couples or families..  Make your unique family playlist and let everyone participate. You´ll cheer yourself and the others up and burn some extra calories.  Moreover, psychologists regard collective singing as considerably stress reducing.

Outdoor fun 
Have you tried geocaching? It’s free and it’s a great opportunity to get outside and move. You can discover interesting places and spots in your surroundings. And walking or cycling is the best prevention against chronic diseases – obesity, hypertension or cardiovascular illnesses. In case of bad weather, stay home and playboard games, cards, whatever – there’s a variety of choices both for children and adults. Or simply take time to talk to each other.

Enthusiastic organizer?
Throw a party, pic-nic or shared dining! Fill up the lazy summer days with preparations. Try to find some local healthy food for reasonable prices and share the menu. You can taste some international cuisines, choose a particular country and discover new tastes. Google some new recipes or watch a video tutorial. Need to reduce your weight? What about trying a vegetarian or vegan meal or some tasty salad?

Or what about trying to give up a busy program and just slow down, relax or even get unplugged for a while? Your time doesn´t necessarily need to be filled every single minute. Find some time to please yourself or your family with something that just makes you happy and doesn’t require much effort. Is it a movie night, reading a good book or having a bath? Great! And let your children get bored. Btw, psychologists agree that boredom and idleness have the strongest creative potential.

No matter if you try some of our tips or if you find your own original way, how to spend your free time in summer. The good news is that you can have a lot of fun, learn new things, move or experience some unexpected moments with no need for a particular budget. Never forget that the best things in life are for free.


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