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Your health your way.

Check your symptoms, get consultations and prescriptions with the help of a trustworthy health partner available whenever and wherever you are. Because it’s your health and you should be in control of it.

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How it works

  1. Check your symptoms

    • Simply answer few questions and tell us more about your symptoms.
    • Find out possible causes of your health issues.
    • If needed, get more precise results by performing a self-test.
    • Immediately find out, if you should see a doctor.
  2. Talk to a doctor

    • Just press a button and a doctor will call you back soon.
    • Receive advice and necessary prescription from the comfort of your home.
  3. Receive your treatment

    • Order your medication or soft remedies via our partner online pharmacy.
    • Have your medicine delivered directly to your home or pick it up in the nearest pharmacy.


How we help

We operate as a concierge to answer your health needs:

  • Get an easy access to affordable medical assistance and keep your time and schedule for your activities.
  • Know instantly if your medical condition requires attention, instead of browsing websites for hours.
  • Stay in the comfort of your bed if you feel unwell and receive a suitable treatment.
  • Be in control of your health, without any worries.


  • Symptom Checker

    Easily find out what might cause your health issues

  • Self-Tests

    Narrow down the possible conditions by performing easy self tests at home

  • Call to doctors

    If needed, get a professional consultation on the phone

  • Blog

    Read in-depth articles and tips on how to stay healthy

  • Prescriptions

    Receive prescriptions and medicine quick and easy

  • Pharmacies

    Find the nearest pharmacy to pick your medicine up or have it delivered to your home